We currently have new #1 & #1 GMA 48"x40" pallets

  We currently have new #1 and new #1 GMA 48"x40" pallets available and ready to provide to new customers, as well as new custom pallets. Inquire below to get a price for new pallets. 

We provide new and recycled, wood and plastic pallets as well as purchase pallets throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Ventura County, San Diego County and all of California.

Does your company have unwanted pallets taking up valuable space? We will buy them.

-#1, #2 standard pallets, block, euro pallets, broken or repaired. We purchase all types and sizes of pallets

-payment provided on the spot day of pick up

-we also pick up odd sizes and scrap wood

                                                                  Please provide estimated sizes and quantity to see how much your pallets are worth

Wood Pallets 

We carry new and recycled wood pallets in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes. Popular wood pallet sizes include #1, #2, 48"x40", GMA, 48"x48", 36"x36", EURO pallets, block pallets and drum pallets, which we have in stock and ready to ship. 

Plastic Pallets 

Plastic pallets are suitable for export shipping and are a great option for industries where sanitation is a concern. We carry rackable and nestable plastic pallets in sizes 48"x40" and 43"x43", offering both new and recycled stock.

Heat Treated Pallets 

Overseas shipping requires that all wood pallets are heat treated to reduce the risk of quarantine pests associated with international trading. At Foster Pallet Solutions, we're able to provide heat treated pallets of all sizes, whether made from new or recycled wood.

New Pallets/Custom Pallets 

New wood 48"x40 #1 GMA and new custom pallets currently available. We can custom build any sized pallet that you need, from 20"x20" to 150"x50" as well as working with you to build wooden crates to meet your specifications. Contact us today with your pallet or crate sizes and we will be happy to help.

When it comes to pallets, we deliver!


Foster Pallet Solutions takes pride in offering the highest level of customer service. We have been providing pallets to businesses of all sizes across Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and surrounding areas since 2008 and have a wealth of industry experience. If you're looking for a reliable pallet supplier to help make things easy,  get in touch. We'll be happy to help. We also buy all types of pallets, contact us today!